Ellen Diamond

Ketamine & NeuroGenesis: A New Way to Change Your Mind

Ellen Diamond, PhD.


Ellen Diamond, PhD, has been a clinical psychologist for over 30 years. She has worked in diverse areas including inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse programs. She has always been interested in alternative approaches and strongly believes in the rights of individuals to select their own strategies for treatment.

Her professional journey led her to ketamine and psychedelic psychotherapy in 2013. In collaboration with others, this led to the development of Ketamine Wellness Centers, a stand out provider of ketamine infusion treatment providing the gold standard for treatment in this emerging field.

Kevin NicholsonKevin Nicholson BSN, MBA. Founder / CEO Ketamine Wellness Centers

Kevin’s healthcare career started as a critical care registered nurse which moved into an executive leadership position in acute care hospitals in the Phoenix area. Seven years ago Kevin sat chairside with patients seeing the amazing results of ketamine treatments for patients who had suffered from debilitating illnesses for years. After an extensive trial period, Kevin and his colleagues have successfully taken their treatment program to the public. Ketamine Wellness Centers currently has six treatment facilities in five states and have provided over 20,000 infusions with life-changing results.

President and CEO
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